What is the story behind Rebax Realestate

From learning medicine development one gain: Research
To run multiple businesses one gain: Entrepreneurship,
Learn to setup projects one gain knowledge of
Real estate

Leo Jacobus Bax

Born in Amsterdam, graduate at Leiden University The Netherlands: Bio Pharmaceutical Sciences (human medicine development) master degree.

Main job: Sales and Marketing in pharmaceutical industry, highest position, 7 years National Sales Manager.

Founder of the companies:

Bax Holding BV, Houthandel Bax BV, Arrow Wood co ltd, Zylac Development co ltd

My favorite work:

It is the fist time at the year of 56 that I write about myself. Normally I not like that as the all the people together forms the company. One alone, one is not so much, you need a team. In real estate sales and development people likes to know who is behind all this, so, I will share the information in a modest way and point out high lights. I will not bother you with at least 12 gained diploma’s and certificates here. Under you get an idea on what foundation the Rebax Real estate is build upon. What companies play a part in my development and still play as all are active:

Bax Holding BV

How it started

The start of running a mature business is having all your intellectual data secured in a Holding company. So all business development have the roots from Bax Holding BV, setup in The Netherlands. The company is there for more than 30 years

Bax Holding not have it's own website, the work companies have this.

no website

Bax Houthandel BV

Recycle wood and new wood

At first trading recycle wood and later start a solid wood production is the origin of out wood business: www.baxhouthandel.com

See the Bax Houthandel website

Bax Houthandel site

Arrow Wood Co ltd

Engineered wood production

Setup a project and get an invitation by the Thai Government in the form of a Thai Board of Investment (BOI) License made us setup a factory in Hua Hin. Now we have 2 BOI licenses on hand. 2 websites: www.arrow-wood.com and www.arrowwood.co.th

How to use online reviews to boost your business

Our English website click under, for our Thai site see www.arrowwood.co.th
Arrow Wood site

Zylac Development

Realestate and project development

With the input of Bax Holding, this company starts to be involved in developments en real estate. Rebax Realestate is the marketing name of this activity

Zylac development have websites connect to their marketing names

no website

Project development

19 years ago, our first development

Purchase land, make a plan for a community sale plots and let a developer built houses for their costumers. The start of land developing Second, we setup Leo-resort, this is a housing project with license number 1/2565

Crystal view residence and Leo Resort at Silpakorn area

See the site link of Leo-resort
Leo-resort site

Rebax Realestate

Sale of real estate feels like the crown on all business disciplines

Sales of real estate sounds so easy but in fact, so many skills are need to be a real partner to our clients. We not want to work exclusive, when we can sell, we do and be a good addition to your plan.

Have a look at our site

Our site is important but these days one setup listings in the Thai as well international markets to find costumers and not forget our face book pages.
Rebax site

My Vision??

In life and business
what your mouth speak is what you do, what you write down is what your perform

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